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Mike Marker
8 December1988 PPPP - Overton's Supplement
9 July1989 'Double Profile' Bust Halves - An Update
12 July1990 PPPP - Late Die State 1822/1 O-102A and Observations on Some Other Bust Halves
30 April1996 Die State Study of the 1818 O104 / O104a
Nathan Markowitz
51 August2006 A Triple Play
54 June2007 The Inaugural Silver Happening — EAC 2007
57 December2008 Mr. Bolender’s Number Thirty Two
62 February2011 A Cornucopia of Counterstamps
73 July2014 Terminal State of 1804 Browning 1: The EPN Specimen
79 July2016 Browning 6 Quarter Cud: A Second Example
Michael E. Marotta
40 January2001 PPPP - New Book Lights the Way for New Collector
Glenn Marx
60 December2009 Letter to the Editor — 1815 Quarter Die Stage Inquiry
T.E. Matheson
8 December1988 PPPP - A High Grade 1814/3 O-101
Jim Matthews
3 September1986 Emission Sequence of 1797 Dollars
8 December1988 1800 V-3 Half Dime
40 January2001 Early Silver Dollar Update
40 January2001 At Long Last, a 1795 Overton-132, Beistle 10-C Turns Up
46 January2004 A Hoard of 1800 Bust Dollars
49 June2005 Retained and Full Cuds on Dimes from 1796 Through 1837
52 December2006 Observations of 1795 Die Varieties of Federal Coinage
66 May2012 Letter to the Editor — Auction of Davis Collection of Capped Bust Dimes
76 July2015 Cuds on Early Dimes — Part 1
78 April2016 The Draped and Capped Bust Dime Census Summary
Gabriela Luschei, PhD & Jim Matthews
64 December2011 Kitchen Wisdom and the American Heraldic Eagle as a Symbol of War and Peace
Ted McAuley
47 July2004 The Enigmatic "E" and "L" Countermarked Quarters of 1815 & 1825: A New Hypothesis Regarding Their Origin, Purpose and Historical Context (Part I)
47 July2004 The Enigmatic "E" and "L" Countermarked Quarters of 1815 & 1825: A New Hypothesis Regarding Their Origin, Purpose and Historical Context (Part II)
John W. McCloskey
5 July1987 Identifying Rare Varieties of the 1806 Quarter
6 December1987 Discovering the 1829 Curled Base 2 Dime
10 September1989 Classic Gold Half Eagles
16 April1992 1829 Curled Base 2 Dime - Discovery Piece
17 July1992 Die Bulges on Early Capped Bust Dimes
19 January1993 The Double Stripe Bust Quarter Reverse
20 April1993 The 1821 B6 Bust Quarter
23 January1994 The 1839 Classic Gold Quarter Eagles
33 July1997 A New Die Variety for the 1836 Half Eagle Discovered
40 January2001 The 1837 Quarter Eagle
42 December2001 A Remarriage for the 1818 Bust Quarter
43 October2002 A Tribute to Russell J. Logan 1941-2002
43 October2002 A Double Struck 1803 JR-2 Dime
45 July2003 Bulges on Early Capped Bust Dimes
52 December2006 A Phantom Hoard of Early Bust Coinage
62 February2011 New Die Marriage for 1827 Dimes Discovered
66 May2012 The David J. Davis Bust Dime Collection
Louis Scuderi, John W. McCloskey, and Bradley S. Karoleff
58 March2009 The John Reich Collectors Society Hall of Fame
Richard Meaney
52 December2006 Understanding Capped Bust Half Dime Remarriages
59 July2009 New Condition Census 1832 LM-9.1 Capped Bust Half Dime
60 December2009 Letter to the Editor — The New John Reich Newsletter
62 February2011 A Great Month: Acquisition of Two Rare Capped Bust Half Dimes
62 February2011 Capped Bust Half Dime Cud Rarity, A Specialist’s Opinion
67 August2012 Is it Time for a New Remarriage Chart for Capped Bust Half Dime Reverse G?
72 April2014 FUN2014: Highlights from an Extraordinary Sale of Capped Bust Half Dimes
73 July2014 Hall of Fame Voting Results
74 November2014 The W. David Perkins Sealed Bid Auction for Early Half Dimes at the 2014 ANA Show
74 November2014 JRCS Selects Official Distributor of Journal Back Issues
75 April2015 Half Dime Remarriages: Thoughts on Rarity
Stephen A. Crain and Richard Meaney
76 July2015 2015 Half Dime Census Survey 1792-1837
Louis Scuderi and Richard Meaney
57 December2008 Die Sinking and Bulges on 1814 JR-2 and JR-3 Bust Dimes
Marvin Mericle
33 July1997 PPPP - 1987 Supplement to Overton
Charlton E. Meyer, Jr.
18 October1992 I Remember Richard Pugh
19 January1993 PPPP - 1795 O127 without Obverse Die Crack
Tony Micciche
33 July1997 PPPP - Comments on Journal Articles
Collis Miller
12 July1990 PPPP - Comments on the Journal
R. Neil Morse
5 July1987 PPPP - 1830 JR-4 Dime
7 April1988 Coin Dealers and Customers
Karl Moulton
24 April1994 PPPP - Requesting Information on an 1805 Bust Quarter
27 January1995 PPPP - 1815 Counterstamped Quarters
39 July2000 Ten Favorite Bust Auction Catalogues
40 January2001 Comments and Observations About The J.H. South Collection
Ralph J. Murphy
7 April1988 PPPP - Recut(?) 1828 O-106
8 December1988 PPPP - Overton's Supplement