John Reich Journal

Volume 7 / Issue 1 October 1992 Whole No. 18

Official Publication of the
John Reich Collectors Society

The purpose of the John Reich Collectors Society (JRCS) is to encourage the study of numismatics, particularly United States gold and silver coins minted before the introduction of the Seated Liberty design, and to provide technical and educational information concerning such coins.

Annual dues      $10.00
For general membership information write to:
Office of the President, David J. Davis
P.O. Box 205, Ypsilanti, MI 48197

The John Reich Journal is the official publication of the Society and is distributed to all members in good standing. Members are encouraged to submit any articles encouraging the study of numismatics and/or relating to early United States gold and silver coins to the editor. Especially needed are articles containing new information about die varieties, die states of published die varieties, attribution methods, collections, collectors, etc. Inquiries about specific varieties will be directed to one of the experts in that series. All correspondence should be directed to:

Bradley S. Karoleff and Keith G. Bellman
P.O. Box 135
Harrison, OH 45030

1991/92 Officers
President David J. Davis
Vice President John W. McCloskey
Vice President Bradley S. Karoleff
Secretary Keith G. Bellman
Treasurer Russell J. Logan
Assistant Secretary Robert Spangler
West Coast Representative James Matthews

Volume 7 / Issue 1 October 1992 Whole No. 18


Editors’ Comments Karoleff and Bellman
Plaudits, Pans, and Perplexing Points:
    PPPP — Reversed Die Illustrations Edgar E. Souders
    PPPP — Death of John Reich Edgar E. Souders
    PPPP — Viewing the Richard Pugh Collection J. Warren Long
    PPPP — 1829/27 O102 Half Dollar Die State Brian Wasserman
    PPPP — 1829 JR1 Dime - Recutting and Doubling JRCS # 432
    PPPP — 1836 V2 Half Dime — Doubling Daniel D. Bonnett
    PPPP — 1836 V2 Half Dime — Doubling Mark Smith
    PPPP — Edge Errors Andrew Wells
    PPPP — Comments on Half Dime Quiz Harry Salyards
Proof Coins and Politics, 1796-1821 Michael Hodder
Some Notes on 1829 Dimes — JR3, JR5 and JR6 Mike Sherrill
1830 V3 Versus V11 Stephen A. Crain
1829 V4, V5 and V17: A Palindromic Emission Sequence? J. Alan Bricker
1834 O113 & O114 Capped Bust Halves: A Different View Ivan Leaman
Looking to the Stars Stephen A. Crain
1825 O118 Discovery Piece Bradley S. Karoleff
I Remember Richard Pugh Charlton E. Meyer, Jr.
Treasurer's Report — 01-Oct-1990 to 30-Sep-1992 Russell J. Logan

Cover Photos: 1825 Unique O118 Capped Bust Half Dollar. This is the discovery piece found in Oregon in 1983. Courtesy of: East coast collector who is currently the owner.