John Reich Journal

Volume 20 / Issue 2 December 2009 Whole No. 60

Official Publication of the
John Reich Collectors Society

The purpose of the John Reich Collectors Society (JRCS) is to encourage the study of numismatics, particularly United States gold and silver coins minted before the introduction of the Seated Liberty design, and to provide technical and educational information concerning such coins.

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Office of the President, David J. Davis
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The John Reich Journal is the official publication of the Society and is distributed to all members in good standing. Members are encouraged to submit any articles encouraging the study of numismatics and / or relating to early United States gold and silver coins to the editors. Especially needed are articles containing new information about die marriages, die states of published die marriages, attribution methods, collections, collectors, etc.

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Volume 20 / Issue 2 December 2009 Whole No. 60


Editor’s Comments Bradley S. Karoleff, NLG
Letter to the Editor — The New John Reich Newsletter Richard Meaney
Letter to the Editor — Update on 1827 JR-2 Dime Book Jim Koenings
Letter to the Editor — 1815 Quarter Die Stage Inquiry Glenn Marx
Letter to the Editor — From the Treasurer W. David Perkins
Suggestions for Inclusion of Additional Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle Half Dollar Varieties in the Red Book Bradley Higgins
Why I Recently Started Collecting Bust Half Dimes (And how I found the 1833 LM-5) Wes Chormicle
Pre-Turban Bust Half Dollar Census Stephen J. Herrman
Capped Bust Half-Dollar Secrets: Broken Legend and Number Punches Edgar E. Souders, NLG
Finest Known 1829 Half Dime Variety Discovered David W. Lange
Sometimes we buy the Coin, Sometimes the Story And Sometimes the Story comes after the Coin is Purchased W. David Perkins, NLG

Articles may not be reproduced without permission of the John Reich Collectors Society

Cover Photos: Brockage of 1831 obverse 7 on one side and an incuse impression of obverse 7 on the other. Photo courtesy of Henry Hilgard.