John Reich Journal

Volume 3 / Issue 1 April 1988 Whole No. 7

Official Publication of the
John Reich Collectors Society

The purpose of the John Reich Collectors Society (JRCS) is to encourage the study of numismatics, particularly United States silver coins minted before the introduction of the Seated Liberty design, and to provide technical and educational information concerning such coins.

The John Reich Journal is the official publication of the Society and is distributed to all members in good standing. Members are encouraged to submit any articles encouraging the study of numismatics and/or relating to early United States silver coins to the editor. Especially needed are articles containing new information about die varieties, die states of published die varieties, attribution methods, collections, collectors, etc. Inquiries about specific varieties will be directed to one of the experts in that series. All correspondence should be directed to:

David J. Davis, Editor
P.O. Box 205
Ypsilanti, Michigan 48197

1986/7 Officers
President David J. Davis
Vice President John W. McCloskey
Secretary William L. Subjack
Treasurer Russell J. Logan
Assistant Secretary Allen F. Lovejoy
East Coast Representative Jules Reiver
West Coast Representative James Matthews

Volume 3 / Issue 1 April 1988 Whole No. 7


Editor’s Comments David J. Davis
Plaudits, Pans, and Perplexing Points:
    PPPP — A Call for “T-I” and “D-E” Relations W. Ellis
    PPPP — Comments on Journal Articles L. Schramm
    PPPP — Questions and Comments D. Rungren
    PPPP — Counterstamped 1815 and 1825 Quarters Larry S. Blackwelder
    PPPP — Misaligned Dies, and Comments on Journal Brad Karoleff
    PPPP — High Grade 1834 JR-4 Dime Bill Luebke
    PPPP — Late Die State 1829 JR-4 Dime Larry S. Blackwelder
    PPPP — Missing Serifs, and Comments on Journal Dick Kurtz
    PPPP — Recut(?) 1828 O-106 Ralph J. Murphy
Bust Dollars; An Update for 1798 Doug Winter
Coin Dealers and Customers R. Neil Morse
Early Half Dollar Supplement Revealed David Davis
‘Double Profile’ Bust Halves William Atkinson
Market Prices of Bust Half Dollars — 1988 Update Sheridan Downey, III
Scarcity of Large Size Capped Bust Quarters by Date Bob Spangler
An Interesting 1825 Quarter J. Alan Bricker
Condition Census — Bust Quarters 1796-1838 Russell J. Logan
‘E’ and ‘L’ Counterstamps — Yet Another Theory Hugh Cooper
NAS - A New Kid on the Block Mike Conroy
The Thrill of Discovery — The Disappointment of Discredit Franklin W. Goss
Still More on the 1801 Half Dimes Jules Reiver
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Cover Photos. R. Henry Norweb - Original 1827 Quarter. Courtesy of: Bowers & Merena Galleries, Inc.; Wolfeboro, NH