CGS Halk Ultralight It started with a love of rotorcraft, R/C helis and the IRCHA. First was the GMP shuttle, and then the Legend. Both have been replaced with a Concept 10, 30 or 60 depending on room. Also a EL-550 (small electric) and 80 powered cobra. (first kit heli made)

Active in the PRA/EAA/AOPA and considered a gyrocopter but ended with a CGS Hawk. It's sold now.

Thought about a Katana DA20 or Pulsar with all the toys one can fit in these things, but ended up with a Tiger with tons of stuff in it. When not working on it, I'm out hunting or trying to keep up with the weather around Cleveland. Thought about a Derringer twin to replace the Tiger but decited to build a Lancair.

Some formation photos and photos of tlm 28817 n26234 n92ks n28kw and the bkl flyin.
My tiger is for sale