307B: Two boys, surviving in the woods and foiling criminals

Hello, I have been trying to find a book for many years that my fifth grade teacher used to read to us. I’m guessing it was circa 1959. The basic plot is this: in a small town, two boys (perhaps boy scouts) went to the wealthiest man in tow (perhaps an old curmudgeon) to ask for a small portion of forest land to have for a scout camp. Apparently this man owned most of the land around. He declined, but challenged the boys to prove their worth by going out into the forest without clothes or any tools etc., and live off the land for a period of time (can’t recall). The story was about their adventures, which centered on their discovering a group of criminals (either bootleggers or thieves, not certain). They foil these criminals, survive and win over the old man, who then donates the land. Basically, that’s the best of my memories.

I’ve tried to locate this book through other web sites but have never been successful. I’d be thrilled if you could identify this book.

307A: Brain tumor healed on Kauai

I’m looking for a book I read in the 1980s about a man who was diagnosed with a brain tumor while living on the mainland. He traveled to Kauai and spent time on the beach, and traveled back roads through lush surroundings to meet with a wise woman. When he returned to the mainland after six weeks no tumor was to be found!

Please help!

306Y: All of the Families on the Block

I owned the book as a child in the mid- to late-fifties. The size of the book may have been larger than typical for a children’s book. Each chapter told a story of one of the fictional families who lived on a block. As I recall, they were linked by the relationships and adventures of the children. I remember being intensely curious about how other people lived.

306X: Moldy/smelly/musty

I had a book, probably from somewhere around 1955? or before?

It was a compilation, or a bunch of children’s stories.
It was appx. 81/2 x 11, the book was blue, dark blue on edges, and light blue in the middle? and the spine was maybe 2 inches wide?
My mom had given it to me when I moved out, and I had a flood in my basement, and the book got moldy/smelly/musty, and I tossed it, and forgot to write down the name.
Some of the stories in it were: The little match girl, the owl and the pussycat, and a million more.
I would love to purchase a copy of the book.

306V: OY!!!

A mystery, starting with the investigation of a savage beating of a woman, in a brownstone on the Upper East Side. The detective finds her conscious but not very responsive, and doesn’t understand why, until he realizes that the bad guy cut out part of her tongue…OY!!!

306T: She pilfers from patients

A book narrated by a man seemingly drifting in and out of a coma, brought on by the adult onset of some childhood disease like mumps, measles, chicken pox.  Secondary characters are two nurses, one of whom is addicted to pain killers that she pilfers from patients.  For some reason I think the novel took place at St. Vincent’s Hospital in NYC, long closed.  And the author’s last name was definitely Irish, although he may have been an American with an Irish name.

306R: Bunny Looks Out the Window

A little bunny is sitting in the house sitting at the table in the same place every day and looking out the window at the same tree every day; and thinks things never change (are somewhat boring) because he looks out the window at the same tree every day.

Then, one day the bunny sits at the opposite end of the table while eating his lunch and looking out the window and sees the same tree outside of the window looks but it looks different.  Ultimately, the book delivers the message of things may appear different from another angle/ point of view.

I read this children’s book to my children in the 1980s; and I am searching for it for my soon-to-be grandchild.

This search is important to me because I want to give the book to my daughter at her baby shower because instead of gifts guests are being asked to gift a book.