John Reich Journal

Volume 1 / Issue 2 May 1986 Whole No. 2

Official Publication of the
John Reich Collectors’ Society

The purpose of the John Reich Collectors’ Society (JRCS) is to encourage the study of numismatics, particularly United States silver coins minted before 1838, and to provide technical and educational information concerning such coins.

The John Reich Journal is the official publication of the Society and is distributed to all members in good standing. Members are encouraged to submit any articles encouraging the study of numismatics and/or relating to early United States silver coins to the editor. Especially needed are articles containing new information about die varieties, die states of published die varieties, attribution methods, collections, collectors, etc. Inquiries about specific varieties will be directed to one of the experts in that series.

1985/6 Officers
President David J. Davis
Vice President John W. McCloskey
Secretary William L. Subjack
Treasurer Russell J. Logan
Assistant Allen F. Lovejoy

Volume 1 / Issue 2 May 1986 Whole No. 2


Editor’s Comments David J. Davis
Plaudits, Pans, and Perplexing Points:
    PPPP — Comments on the Journal M Johnsen
    PPPP — Comments on the Journal Michael Joy
    PPPP — Comments on the Journal Brad Karoleff
    PPPP — Comments on the Journal JP Gavin
    PPPP — Comments on the Journal HW Blevins
    PPPP — Comments on the Journal Gerry Blum
    PPPP — Comments on the Journal D Quint
An Overview of Lettered Edge Capped Bust Half Dollars Pat Cunningham
Vive le Collector! Maurice Rosen
The Joys of Cherry Picking John E. Ward Jr.
Bust Half Dollar Rarity Ratings 1807-1836 Bust Half Nut Club
Rediscovery of the “Oversize” Half Dime of 1833 James Skwarek
Some Thoughts on Grading Capped Bust Halves 1807-1836 Sheridan Downey, III
The Gobrecht Bust Half Dollars Jules Reiver
The Bust Dollar Club Meets Again H. Roland Willasch
Using a Computer to Collect Bust Half Dollars Robert J. Frowenfeld
Additional Reflections on Capped Bust Half Dollar “Weak Strikes” Edgar E. Souders
1986 Coinage of the Americas Conference The American Numismatic Society

Cover Photo. 1796 Dime JR-1. An early die state without the cud die break at star 1. See Vol. 1 No. 1, p4. Picture courtesy of Stack’s.