John Reich Journal - Author Index - Z

Winston Zack
59 July2009 Fun with LDS/Unusual CBH Date Set
76 July2015 Contemporary Counterfeit Bust Dimes
77 December2015 Bust Coin Survival Estimates
Winston Zack with Louis Scuderi
62 February2011 Finest Certified 1829 Curl Base 2 Capped Bust Dime Recently Graded
Robert Zavos
19 January1993 PPPP - Suggestions for the Journal
Garrett S. Ziss
74 November2014 The Return of the Quiz
75 April2015 Getting to Know Henry Hilgard and the JRCS
77 December2015 30th Anniversary Quiz
79 July2016 A Numismatic Marriage
80 December2016 JRCS Connections at the Summer Seminar Book Sale
Garrett S. Ziss, David Finkelstein, and Dr. Charles Link Jr.
76 July2015 Analysis of the 1815 Half Dollar Underdigit