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Arno Safran
27 January1995 Some Interesting Bust Dollar Varieties
Harry Salyards
10 September1989 PPPP - Photographs of Slabbed Coins
15 August1992 PPPP - Styles of Coin Grading
18 October1992 PPPP - Comments on Half Dime Quiz
22 October1993 PPPP - Relative Rarity Ratings and Survivor Estimates
23 January1994 A Tale of Two 1799 B3 Dollars (or, Buy the Plastic Before the Coin?)
Gerald L. Schertz
6 December1987 A Screw Loose in 1809?
20 April1993 PPPP - Specialized Study Groups within JRCS
Leonard Schramm
6 December1987 PPPP - Comments on Half Dollars, Coin Clubs, and Slabbing
7 April1988 PPPP - Comments on Journal Articles
10 September1989 PPPP - Comments on Journal
14 December1990 PPPP - Double Profile Bust Half
15 August1992 A Sort of Homecoming
16 April1992 Bust Half Fever
17 July1992 Broken Arrows
25 July1994 PPPP - Surviving Capped Bust Half Dollars
Louis Scuderi
15 August1992 Late Die States, Striking Characteristics, and Rarity of Open Collar Capped Bust Dimes
41 July2001 The Broken Edge Die on 1832 Reverse B Dimes: What Can It Tell Us About the Minting Process?
41 July2001 1833 Rusted Die Quarters: A Possible Link to Climate
54 June2007 Robert Duphorne and the “Other” Bust Quarter Book
56 May2008 A Second Example of the 1835 LM-12 Half Dime
57 December2008 An Extremely Late Die State,Triple Cud, 1830 JR-3 Dime
63 July2011 The 1829 JR10 Curl Base Two Dime Revisited
66 May2012 The Missing Piece: The Terminal Die State of 1830 Obverse 1 Dime
70 July2013 Some Thoughts on a Possible Terminal Die State of the 1830 JR-8 Dime
Louis Scuderi, John W. McCloskey, and Bradley S. Karoleff
58 March2009 The John Reich Collectors Society Hall of Fame
Louis Scuderi and Richard Meaney
57 December2008 Die Sinking and Bulges on 1814 JR-2 and JR-3 Bust Dimes
Winston Zack with Louis Scuderi
62 February2011 Finest Certified 1829 Curl Base 2 Capped Bust Dime Recently Graded
Mike Sherrill
18 October1992 Some Notes on 1829 Dimes - JR3, JR5 and JR6
35 July1998 New Emission Sequence for the TED Successively Higher Reverse Dimes
41 July2001 A Closer Look at 1827 JR10
Craig B. Sholley
8 December1988 PPPP - 1834 O-113 and O-114
44 April2003 Early U.S. Minting Methods - Part I: Die Forging and Hardening
45 July2003 Early U.S. Minting Methods - Part II: Die Sinking
46 January2004 Early U.S. Minting Methods - Part III: The Presses and Striking
66 May2012 Letter to the Editor — 1834 Half Dollars, O-113 and O-114
66 May2012 Letter to the Editor — 1836 CLE Half Dollar, O-106
77 December2015 The Evolution of U.S. Minting Technology: The Rush & Muhlenberg Screw Press
Craig B. Sholley and John Dannreuther
80 December2016 Pitting Corrosion, Hydrogen Embrittlement, and Residual Stress Cracking
Craig B. Sholley and Edgar E. Souders
10 September1989 A Die Study: The 1834 Capped Bust Halves - O-113 and O-114
James Skwarek
2 May1986 Rediscovery of the "Oversize" Half Dime of 1833
Mark Smith
9 July1989 Capped Bust Half Dimes - Un-Attributed Rarities are Available!
9 July1989 ??New Die State?? - 1830 V-8 Half Dime
10 September1989 Another 1829 V-17 Half Dime?
13 October1990 PPPP - Comments on Journal
13 October1990 Half Dime Collection Sold at Auction
15 August1992 PPPP - Capped Bust Half Dime Question
17 July1992 Twenty-Some Questions on Baby Busties
18 October1992 PPPP - 1836 V2 Half Dime - Doubling
19 January1993 More Multiple Marriages ... A Triple-Double Reverse Die
21 July1993 PPPP - Congratulations and a Correction
Pete Smith
50 December2005 PPPP - Comments on The Enigmatic E and L Countermarked Quarters of 1815 and 1825
Wayne M. Smith
16 April1992 The Stock Sale
Richard Snow
26 October1994 PPPP - Deriving Eagle Mintage Figures
Edgar E. Souders
2 May1986 Additional Reflections on Capped Bust Half Dollar "Weak Strikes"
3 September1986 "Filled" Legend Figures
4 January1987 Clashmarks on Lettered Edge Capped Bust Half Dollars
5 July1987 PPPP - Comments on JR Journal Format
5 July1987 Additional Capped Bust Half "Filled" Lettering Figures
6 December1987 PPPP - Die Doubling Terminology
6 December1987 The Mysterious Missing Serifs
8 December1988 Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets; The Shield
9 July1989 Thirty Questions - Or, It's Not Who You Know...
10 September1989 PPPP - Followup to Bust Half Quiz
12 July1990 Questioning the Capped Bust Half Dollars
15 August1992 Capped Bust Half Dollar Foil Impressions
16 April1992 PPPP - Double Profiles
16 April1992 PPPP - 1813 O-109 Half Dollar Clashmarks
16 April1992 Thirty Questions - Once Again
16 April1992 A Capped Bust Half Love Token?
18 October1992 PPPP - Reversed Die Illustrations
18 October1992 PPPP - Death of John Reich
19 January1993 Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets: The Numerals
23 January1994 Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets; The Screwpress
24 April1994 Safety Factor in Grading Under Halogen Lamps?
27 January1995 Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets; The Planchets
29 January1996 Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets; The Stars
30 April1996 PPPP - Article Correction
33 July1997 PPPP - Center Dot, and 5- or 6-Point Stars
34 January1998 A Half Dollar Promise
40 January2001 Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets: The Lapping Process
41 July2001 Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets: Dots!
43 October2002 Capped Bust Half-Dollar Secrets: The Denomination
49 June2005 Capped Bust Half Dollar Secrets; The Unknowns?
53 April2007 New Die Marriage of 1835 Capped Bust Half-Dime Discovered
60 December2009 Capped Bust Half-Dollar Secrets: Broken Legend and Number Punches
Jeff Reichenberger with Edgar E. Souders
66 May2012 Fascinating 1836 Double Struck Half
Craig B. Sholley and Edgar E. Souders
10 September1989 A Die Study: The 1834 Capped Bust Halves - O-113 and O-114
Bob Spangler
7 April1988 Scarcity of Large Size Capped Bust Quarters by Date
8 December1988 PPPP - A New 1836 Bust Quarter Variety
Bob Spangler and Jules Reiver
10 September1989 Discovery of a New 1836 Quarter Variety; B-5
Robert M. Stark
1 January1986 Lettered Edge Dollars 1794-1803
15 August1992 Die Deterioration of a 1798 Dollar (B-28 Reverse)
22 October1993 Countermarks on Early U.S. Dollars
27 January1995 PPPP - 1798 B28 Die States
38 December1999 Dollar Notes
39 July2000 Early Dollar Notes
Don Stoebner
34 January1998 PPPP - 1820 O101 with Blundered Edge
Dick Striley
29 January1996 Is There a Later Die State?
30 April1996 PPPP - Varieties of Five Dollar Pieces
Bill Subjack
6 December1987 "E" & "L" Counterstamps - Another Theory
10 September1989 A Slabbed 1814 Small Date Dime
David Sunshine
78 April2016 Collecting a Circulated Capped Bust Type Set
P. Reid Suttles
40 January2001 Lost and Found - A Provenance Renewed