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Paul Padget
8 December1988 PPPP - Comments on Journal Articles
Don Parsley
6 December1987 PPPP - Die States and the 1814 O-108 Half Dollar
12 July1990 Double Profile Bust Halves -- Another Update
15 August1992 Working Die Preparation for the Lettered Edge Series of United States Half Dollars
21 July1993 PPPP - Comments on Various Journal Bust Half Dollar Points
30 April1996 A New Half Dollar Variety - 1806 O128
J. D. Parsons
5 July1987 Some Thoughts on Today's Market
Jesse Patrick
31 December1996 An Interesting 1796 Bust Half Dollar
Naomi R. (Hann) Patton
Chuck Erb and Naomi R. (Hann) Patton
21 July1993 Volney Gill `Pat' Patton
W. David Perkins
14 December1990 PPPP - Bust Dollars
16 April1992 The 1800 B-13 Bust Dollar - Some Thoughts on Rarity
26 October1994 PPPP - 1798 B28 Die States
27 January1995 Major Revision in CC for 1798 B30 Dollar
30 April1996 Photo of the Rarity 8 1795 B19 Dollar Recently Discovered
30 April1996 Possibly Unique 1795 B18 Dollar Variety Soon to be Offered?
31 December1996 O.K. Rumbel's Early Dollar Grading Set
31 December1996 The One That Got Away!
33 July1997 Rare 1798 Dollar Die Remarriage Discovered
34 January1998 Early Silver Dollar Die Marriages Discovered Since the 1881 Haseltine Type Table - A Detailed Analysis
35 July1998 The "Old Missus" Keg
35 July1998 Second Specimen of 1800 B-17 Die State I Discovered
36 December1998 Die State Study for the Very Rare 1798 B-16 Dollar
37 July1999 1799 B-12 Silver Dollar - "Rim Bump" or "Rim Break"?
37 July1999 M. H. Bolender - "Wanted"
38 December1999 1799 "Reverse of 1798" Silver Dollar
39 July2000 The 1795 B-10 Silver Dollar - Much Rarer Than Thought?
40 January2001 J. H. South Collection of United States Quarters
40 January2001 Early Silver Dollar Census
41 July2001 Early Dollar Notes
41 July2001 On the Santa Fe Trail in 1870
42 December2001 Counterstamped Early Silver Dollars, An Update
43 October2002 Auction Summary/Prices Realized for Selected Silver Dollars - HNA Auction Sales - January and February 2002
45 July2003 John Reich Collectors Society Treasurer's Report
46 January2004 The Mystery of the "Missing" 1795 Silver Dollar
48 February2005 Counterstamps on United States Silver Dollars 1794-1804 As Listed in Merchant and Privately Countermarked Coins by Gregory G. Brunk
49 June2005 2005 Early Silver Dollar Census
50 December2005 Bolender's 184th Mail Auction Sale - Who Consigned the Early Silver Dollar Lots?
51 August2006 PPPP - Comments on Donations from Steve Herrman’s AMBPR
52 December2006 A Rare but Little Known Fixed Price List
53 April2007 New Variety 1798 Dollar — “12 Star 1798 Dollar”
55 December2007 PPPP — Thanks for Donations to the Club
55 December2007 New Specimen of 1817/4 O-102 Half Dollar
55 December2007 2007 Early Silver Dollar Census
57 December2008 Early Dollar Specialist K.P. Austin of Salisbury, Maryland
58 March2009 A Most Interesting 1798 B-19 Dollar
59 July2009 Letter to the Editor — From the Treasurer
60 December2009 Letter to the Editor — From the Treasurer
60 December2009 Sometimes we buy the Coin, Sometimes the Story And Sometimes the Story comes after the Coin is Purchased
61 May2010 Letter to the Editor — From the Treasurer
61 May2010 Short Stories from the Late 1800s
62 February2011 2011 Early Silver Dollar Census
63 July2011 Second Specimen of the 1795 B-22, BB-29 Dollar Discovered
64 December2011 A Mistaken Lot Yields Treasures beyond Belief
69 April2013 2013 Early Silver Dollar Census
69 April2013 New Specimen of the Very Rare 1806 O-127a Half Dollar Discovered
70 July2013 Two Top Condition Census Early Dollars — Where Are They Today?
70 July2013 Who Consigned the Half Dimes in the Merkin September 1968 Sale?
72 April2014 1795 B-6, BB-21 Silver Dollar with “Three Leaves Under the First S in States” — Most Have Four Leaves
75 April2015 2015 Early Silver Dollar Census
76 July2015 Reverse Shield Element Lines on 1798 Heraldic Eagle Silver Dollars
77 December2015 A Quick Trip Through the ANA’s New “The Numismatist” Archives
78 April2016 Over Fifty Years Later
80 December2016 The Headline Read
Glenn R. Peterson
17 July1992 One Little Berry ... Revisited
24 April1994 Revision of Rarity Ratings for Bust Half Dollars
24 April1994 Attributing the Smithsonian Collection
25 July1994 Attribution of a Hoard of Bust Half Dollars
25 July1994 The Good Old Days are Here for Bust Half Dimes
36 December1998 Announcing A New Die Marriage Capped Bust Half Dime
40 January2001 1836 B1 Bust Quarter Remarriage
41 July2001 Discovery of a New Quarter Die Marriage, 1837 B6
45 July2003 Bust Quarter Census
46 January2004 Discovery of a New Remarriage of an 1833 Bust Quarter
48 February2005 Two Bust Dimes with Unlisted Die Breaks or “Cuds”
49 June2005 Rarity Ratings for Bust Quarters
52 December2006 Bust Quarter Census
59 July2009 Bust Quarter Census
59 July2009 Retained Cud Found on 1830 JR-2 Dime
66 May2012 Bust Quarter Census
70 July2013 EAC/JRCS Convention in Newark, Ohio
72 April2014 Bust Quarter Census
73 July2014 Silver Coins at the EAC Convention
75 April2015 Letter to the Editor — Presentations at JRCS Meetings at ANA, and Reverse K of 1827 Bust Halves
80 December2016 Bust Quarter Census
Stephen A. Crain and Dr. Glenn Peterson
48 February2005 Capped Bust Half Dimes with “Cuds”
Stephen J. Herrman and Dr. Glenn Peterson
36 December1998 Rarity Ratings for Capped Bust Half Dollars: History and Update
Dr. Glenn Peterson & Steven A. Crain
52 December2006 Another Capped Bust Half Dime with a Cud
Chris Pilliod
27 January1995 Die Settings on Flowing Hair and Draped Bust Half Dollars
29 January1996 Die Settings on Flowing Hair and Draped Bust Half Dollars
Henry R. Hilgard and Christopher F. Pilliod
48 February2005 Two Counterfeit 1795 Half Dollars
George J. Polizio
29 January1996 PPPP - Comments on Journal and Collecting
30 April1996 Quiz Time ... For Bust Quarters
31 December1996 PPPP - Correction to Bust Quarter Quiz
Andrew W. Pollock III
11 December1989 Another 1829 V-18 Half Dime
20 April1993 New Variety of 1794 Half Dollar Discovered
Jeffrey A. Prem
30 April1996 Unit Value: New Applications for an Old Idea
34 January1998 The 1818 O108 `Inverted Edge' Bust Half Dollar
Michael J. Preston
15 August1992 Getting Back into Coins; Or, Trying to Get My Feet Wet Without Taking a Complete Bath
55 December2007 1814 Bust Halves: Mission Accomplished
Ed Price
19 January1993 PPPP - Provenance
20 April1993 New Variety of 1803 Draped Bust Dime
23 January1994 Varieties of 1796 No Stars Quarter Eagles
24 April1994 A Lucky Day in Long Beach
25 July1994 Obverse Die States of 1795 Valentine 4 Half Dimes
26 October1994 PPPP - New Specimens of 1796 JR1 and 1803 JR5
26 October1994 PPPP - New 1800 Half Dime Variety
27 January1995 An Inter-Denominational Die Clash
28 September1995 New Variety of 1800 Draped Bust Half Dime
30 April1996 PPPP - Die Cuds, Census, and Half Dime Rarity Ratings
Ed Price and Jules Reiver
35 July1998 1801 Half Dimes Revisited
Doug Pryor
3 September1986 PPPP - Advertising in the Journal
4 January1987 From Copper to Silver via Die Varieties
12 July1990 PPPP - Comments on Journal