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Darrel Neidigh
23 January1994 Eureka! That Last Elusive Overton
31 December1996 Attribution By Computer
34 January1998 PPPP - 1807 Quarter Eagle
Bill Nyberg
45 July2003 Rim Cuds on an 1806 O107a Half Dollar
47 July2004 Discovery of a New Draped Bust Half Dollar - 1807 O115
50 December2005 Discovery of Draped Bust Half Dollar - 1806 O.129
54 June2007 Master Die and Hub Changes for 1801-1807 Half Dollars, and Integration with 1799-1804 Gold Eagle Reverses
55 December2007 John Reich’s Hidden Initials
67 August2012 Robert Scot’s Engraving Report to the Congressional Committee on the Mint