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15 August1992 PPPP - Articles in the JR Journal
Fred Hagemeyer
55 December2007 Friends, Memories and a 1796 Double Struck Dollar
Michael M. Hall
3 September1986 PPPP - Half Dollar Rarity Ratings
3 September1986 PPPP - Reeding on 1831 and 1838 Quarters
4 January1987 The 1834 "3 over Inverted 3" Half Dime
4 January1987 1796 B-4a Dollar Revisited
5 July1987 An Inquiry About Two Half Dimes
Jim Haller
33 July1997 Method of Producing an Overlay, or Why does Miss Liberty have an Adam's Apple?
George Hamilton
12 July1990 PPPP - Comments on Journal
16 April1992 PPPP - Collecting Uncirculated Capped Bust Half Dollars 1807-1836
20 April1993 PPPP - Counterstamped Bust Quarters
24 April1994 Is it Reach as in Peach ... or Is it Rike as in Pike?
43 October2002 PPPP - Provenance and Protection for Posterity
Bill Hancock
21 July1993 PPPP - Comments on the Journal
Wm. A. Harmon
6 December1987 PPPP - 1835 V-5 and 1836 V-4 Half Dimes
14 December1990 PPPP - Rarity
Aram Haroutunian
Aram Haroutunian and Matt Lenore
36 December1998 PPPP - Bust Quarter Questions
Van Harvey
8 December1988 PPPP - More `Double Profile' Bust Halves
11 December1989 PPPP - 1827 O-106 and O-126
35 July1998 PPPP - 1828 O123 with Rail Road Track Reverse
37 July1999 Another 1828 Remarriage
William L. Hase
4 January1987 Counterstamped 1815 Bust Quarter
11 December1989 PPPP - Another 1836 B-5
John J. Haugh
38 December1999 A "Curious Overstrike" Reappears
T. Craig Heibel
8 December1988 PPPP - Coin Shows, and Date Width Measurements
11 December1989 PPPP - Two 1827 Halves with Reverse-F
12 July1990 PPPP - Journal Article Feedback
Steven H. Heinen
15 August1992 PPPP - Articles in the JR Journal
David Hensley
4 January1987 A Report on Some Half Dimes and Dimes
16 April1992 A Report on an Unlisted Reverse Die State in the Capped Bust Half Dimes
Stephen J. Herrman
17 July1992 A Rarity Analysis of R-4's and Above Capped Bust Half Dollars
46 January2004 Pre-Turban Bust Half Dollar Census
47 July2004 R4 to R8 Capped Bust Half Dollar Census
49 June2005 BHNC Rarity Ratings for Bust Half Dollars
53 April2007 Pre-Turban Bust Half Dollar Census
54 June2007 R4 to R8 Capped Bust Half Dollar Census
60 December2009 Pre-Turban Bust Half Dollar Census
61 May2010 R-4 to R-8 Capped Bust Half Dollar Census
61 May2010 The Sale of the Don Frederick Collection of Capped Bust Half Dollars
67 August2012 Pre Turban Bust Half Dollar Census
68 November2012 R4 to R8 Capped Bust Half Dollar Census
73 July2014 Pre-Turban Bust Half Dollar Census
74 November2014 R4 to R8 Capped Bust Half Dollar Census
Stephen J. Herrman and Dr. Glenn Peterson
36 December1998 Rarity Ratings for Capped Bust Half Dollars: History and Update
Russ Hibbs
10 September1989 PPPP - Overton's Supplement
Brad Higgins
43 October2002 PPPP - Rust Bucket Remarriages
49 June2005 A Tale of Use and Abuse, or Die State Heaven
52 December2006 Mystery of the Missing Serif
53 April2007 Emission Sequence for 1805 Half Dollars
53 April2007 Case of the Reappearing Serif
54 June2007 1805 Half Dollar Emission Sequence — Update
58 March2009 Letter to the Editor — Reappearing Serif Mystery Solved
58 March2009 Cuds on Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle Half Dollars
59 July2009 Estimated Survival Rates for 1805 Half Dollars
60 December2009 Suggestions for Inclusion of Additional Draped Bust Heraldic Eagle Half Dollar Varieties in the Red Book
61 May2010 Emission Sequence of 1806 Half Dollars
63 July2011 Examination and Analysis of Delivery Warrants and Reported Mintages of Draped Bust Half Dollars of 1801 to 1807
64 December2011 The Mint
Eric Hildebrant
31 December1996 PPPP - Half Eagle Varieties
33 July1997 PPPP - 1818 Breen 1-A Half Eagle
35 July1998 Half Eagle Notched Understar - Fact or Fiction?
37 July1999 PPPP - Breen 2D 1810 Half Eagle
Henry Hilgard
4 January1987 PPPP - Comments on JRCS and JRJ
33 July1997 In Memory of Leonard Elton Dosier June 10, 1923 - March 23, 1997
47 July2004 An 1807 Quarter and the Origin of Planchet Cracks
51 August2006 Reverse Die as Hammer Die: Evidence from a Mint Error
57 December2008 Mint Errors to Establish Hammer and Anvil Die Settings for Flowing Hair Half Dollars
57 December2008 An Elliptical Bust Quarter
58 March2009 Believe It Or Knot — Undescribed Die Breaks on an 1806 Half Dollar?
59 July2009 Brockages and Brockagemakers among the Capped Bust Halves
61 May2010 An Attributable Bust Half Image on an 1837 Tennessee Note
63 July2011 The Case of the Missing Edge Letters
68 November2012 Letter to the Editor — 1836 Double Struck Half
68 November2012 An Edge Cud that Causes a “Rim Ding” Look on a Capped Bust Half Dollar
69 April2013 Do Improperly Struck 1814 Half Dollars Provide a Window into Quality Control at the U.S. Mint?
Henry R. Hilgard and Christopher F. Pilliod
48 February2005 Two Counterfeit 1795 Half Dollars
Ken Hill
36 December1998 Double Struck Capped Bust Halves
Michael Hodder
18 October1992 Proof Coins and Politics, 1796-1821
20 April1993 PPPP - Comments on Journal Articles
Dan Holmes
Dan Holmes & Brad Karoleff
52 December2006 JRCS Invited to EAC 2007 Convention
Gene C. Holmes
56 May2008 Discovery of an Unattributed 1825 O-118 Half Dollar
Charles D. Horning
20 April1993 Auctions, Envelopes & Plate Coins
38 December1999 Federal Half Dimes 1792-1837, A Review
44 April2003 Bust Dime Census
51 August2006 Bust Dime Census
51 August2006 Draped Bust Dime Census
51 August2006 Capped Bust Dime Census
51 August2006 Capped Bust Dime Census by Grade
51 August2006 Total Known Examples of the Rarest Capped Bust Dimes
58 March2009 Bust Dime Census
Charles Horning and Bradley Karoleff
48 February2005 MM - Research Request
Mark Hotz
6 December1987 Mint Counterstamped Large Size Bust Quarters 1815 & 1825
8 December1988 Some Comments on Market Prices of Bust Half Dollars
13 October1990 Those Darned Counterstamped Bust Quarters - The Saga Continues
17 July1992 Damn Those Counterstamped Bust Quarters (Part III in the Continuing Saga)
R.J. Hubartt
3 September1986 A Gold Collectors Society
Paul R. Hybert
39 July2000 Dentil Die Clashing on 1799 Dollars