John Reich Journal - Author Index - F

J.A. Fackelman
5 July1987 PPPP - 1814 O-108 Half Dollar
10 September1989 Life of a Goddess
11 December1989 1822/1 O-102A?
Michael S. Fey
45 July2003 Discovery of a Repunched Date on Our First U.S. Dime
50 December2005 Use and Misuse of the Term Rarity in Numismatics
58 March2009 A Very Late Die State: Report of the 8th Known Example of the 1818 O.104b Bust Half
David Finkelstein
9 July1989 PPPP - Double Profile Bust Halves, and Attributing 1827 O-131
11 December1989 PPPP - 1810 O-109 with a Rotated Reverse and Unusual Edge Lettering
16 April1992 In Depth Description of the 1832 B-2 Quarter
20 April1993 PPPP - Late Die State of 1817 O111 and O112 Half Dollars
20 April1993 PPPP - Corrections to Overton Descriptions
22 October1993 PPPP - Call for a Local Meeting
22 October1993 Obverse Die Dentil Analysis, Part I - Capped Bust Halves, 1807 to 1819
24 April1994 Obverse Die Dentil Analysis, Part 2 - Capped Bust Halves, 1820 to 1836
25 July1994 2 Bit and 6 Bit Bust Half Dollars
42 December2001 Capped Bust Half Dollar Dentil Anomalies
64 December2011 Heraldic Eagle Die Analysis, Part 1 — The 13 Colonies
66 May2012 Heraldic Eagle Die Analysis Part 2 — The 5th Wing Feather
66 May2012 Bust Coin Patterns — Or Lack Thereof
67 August2012 Bust Coin Obverse Star Patterns
67 August2012 Robert Hilt’s Group Strength Theory
68 November2012 Heraldic Eagle Die Analysis: Reverse Star Patterns
68 November2012 A Methodology for Counting Azure Lines
69 April2013 Heraldic Eagle Die Analysis: Half Dollar / Eagle Letter Punches
70 July2013 Heraldic Eagle Die Analysis: Bust Dollar Hubb Scratch
70 July2013 Hours Worked & Salaries Paid at the Mint During the 1790s
71 December2013 How a Death, a Scandal, a Family Connection and Two Loyal Friends Contributed to Benjamin Rush’s Appointment as Treasurer of the United States Mint
71 December2013 Who Was Responsible For The Motto Over Eagle Design?
71 December2013 Heraldic Eagle Die Analysis — Red, White & Blue Part 1
72 April2014 Heraldic Eagle Die Analysis — Red, White, & Blue Part 2
73 July2014 Yellow Fever & The Mint Closing of September 1, 1797
73 July2014 When Did Disme Become Dime?
74 November2014 Revising The 1807 Draped Bust & Capped Bust Half Dollar Mintages
75 April2015 How the Mint Act of 1792 Prevented the Deposit of Bullion & the Striking of Silver & Gold Coins
76 July2015 David Hart Jr., April 10, 1799 - April 3, 1862
77 December2015 Henry Voigt’s Surety Bond
77 December2015 Albion Cox’s Surety Bond
Garrett S. Ziss, David Finkelstein, and Dr. Charles Link Jr.
76 July2015 Analysis of the 1815 Half Dollar Underdigit
Bill Fivaz
3 September1986 1836 Bust Quarter Shattered Obverse Die
3 September1986 The "Retarded" 1834 Half Dime
6 December1987 1801 Hobo Nickel
11 December1989 Very Late Die State of the 1836 (B-1) Quarter
John Flasch
21 July1993 PPPP - Comments on the Journal
A.H. Foerder
80 December2016 A Valentine Mystery Solved
Ralph D. Fox
38 December1999 The 1811 O107 Prime Bust Half
Pierre Fricke
6 December1987 What to Look for When Buying Coins by Mail
9 July1989 Computers and Rare Coins
Jeffrey Friedman
79 July2016 Plimpton Redux
79 July2016 Bust Half Dimes — When is a Cud Not a Cud?
Robert J. Frowenfeld
2 May1986 Using a Computer to Collect Bust Half Dollars