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John (JD) Dannreuther
54 June2007 Response to the “Broken F” Issue on the Reverse of Half Dollars and Eagles (1804-07)
55 December2007 PPPP — Comments on Die Manufacturing
John Dannreuther and John Kraljevich
76 July2015 1807 Capped Bust Half Dollar Large and Small Stars
Craig B. Sholley and John Dannreuther
80 December2016 Pitting Corrosion, Hydrogen Embrittlement, and Residual Stress Cracking
Keith Davignon
13 October1990 PPPP - Counterfeit Bust Halves
17 July1992 Bogus Bust Half Update
25 July1994 PPPP - Off-Metal Half Dollars, and Surviving 1835 Half Dollars
42 December2001 Counterfeit Half Dollars; News Update
78 April2016 A Tale of Two Coin Hoards; or, Sotheby’s, Pogue, and the Paper Lion
David J. Davis
1 January1986 Editor's Comments
2 May1986 Editor's Comments
3 September1986 Editor's Comments
4 January1987 Editor's Comments
4 January1987 1827/7/???
5 July1987 Editor's Comments
6 December1987 Editor's Comments
7 April1988 Editor's Comments
7 April1988 Early Half Dollar Supplement Revealed
8 December1988 Editor's Comments
9 July1989 Editor's Comments
9 July1989 Amazing Gold Stories - or, The Amazing Things You Can Read About Half Eagles
10 September1989 Editor's Comments
10 September1989 A Saturday Surprise
11 December1989 Editor's Comments
12 July1990 Editor's Comments
12 July1990 A Friday Surprise
12 July1990 Frontier Ingenuity & Coincidences
13 October1990 Editor's Comments
13 October1990 The Pleasures and Perils of Bidding at Auction
14 December1990 Editor's Comments
15 August1992 Editor's Comments
17 July1992 PPPP - Congratulations to the New Editors
20 April1993 PPPP - Comments on Journal Articles
23 January1994 The Connoisseur's Reference Library (or, How To Go Broke Buying Books)
26 October1994 PPPP - Leather Bound Editions of Beistle
45 July2003 The Russell J. Logan Collection - My Auction Story
62 February2011 An 1802 Half Dime Pedigree Bites the Dust
67 August2012 The 1834 Classic Half Eagle Patterns??
S.P. Witham / David Davis
14 December1990 Johann Mathias Reich, The Facts
Richard DeMott
5 July1987 PPPP - 1815 Quarter
Alan S. DeShazo
51 August2006 PPPP - Comments on An Unconsummated Marriage?
51 August2006 The Obverse Hub Change in 1832
Aaron N. Didich
44 April2003 1836 (B-2) Very Late Die State Quarter
Sheridan Downey, III
1 January1986 Some Thoughts on the Collecting of Capped Bust Half Dollars - 1807-1836
2 May1986 Some Thoughts on Grading Capped Bust Halves 1807-1836
3 September1986 "Cabinet Friction" vs. Circulation Wear
3 September1986 1986 Prices of Capped Bust Half Dollars, 1807-1839
7 April1988 Market Prices of Bust Half Dollars - 1988 Update
8 December1988 The Blevins Sale: Report and Commentary
8 December1988 Cherry Picker Alert - 1806 O-127 Comes without Die Break
11 December1989 Report on the Sale of Paul Munson's Bust Half Dollar Collection
11 December1989 ANA Diary - 1989
14 December1990 The REAL Toughies - A Numeric Census
14 December1990 A Little Journey Through the Bust Half Auctions of 1988-1990, with Prices Realized
75 April2015 Reflections on Robert Hilt’s 1794 O.109 Flowing Hair Half-Dollar