John Reich Journal - Author Index - A

J. Adamski
5 July1987 PPPP - Comments on JR Journal Format
13 October1990 PPPP - Sources of Supplies
Galen Allen
3 September1986 PPPP - 1834 Half Dime, 3 over Inverted 3
J. Almlie
6 December1987 PPPP - 1838 Reeded Edge Bust Half Die State
Jon P. Amato, Ph. D.
48 February2005 Surviving 1796-97 Draped Bust Half Dollars and Their Grade Distribution
53 April2007 Jules Reiver’s 1796-797 Draped Bust Half Dollar Varieties
57 December2008 The Bayside Collection of 1796-1797 Draped Bust Half Dollar Varieties
66 May2012 Breakup of the 1796-1797 Half Dollar Reverse A
American Numismatic Society
1 January1986 1986 Coinage of the Americas Conference
5 July1987 New from the ANS
10 September1989 1989 COAC: America's Gold Coinage
Richard Andrzejews
58 March2009 My Very First R6 Bust Dime
Bijan Anvar
17 July1992 PPPP - Early Die State of 1826 O-101 Half Dollar
17 July1992 The Other Broken Three
Janell Armstrong
78 April2016 NGC Discovers Extremely Rare Dime — 1796 JR-7 Marriage is the Finer of Just Two Known
Michael Atkins
43 October 2002 PPPP - Attribute Your Coins!
54 June2007 What is the Design Within the Clasp on Large Sized Capped Bust Quarters?
William Atkinson
7 April1988 `Double Profile' Bust Halves
11 December1989 Capped Bust Half Dollars - Collecting Options
12 July1990 PPPP - Selling Coins
12 July1990 Conjecture on the Origin of the 1820/19 Capped Bust Half Dollar. A Multiple Overdate?
16 April1992 PPPP - 1820/19 O-101 Half Dollar Overdate
Wayne Aubel
27 January1995 Wow, What a Week! ... Actually Two Days
Leonard Augsburger
78 April2016 Newman Numismatic Portal