Tucson Center for Socionomic Research (TCSR)

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But mouse, thou are not alone
In proving that foresight may be in vain:
The best laid schemes of mice and men
Often go awry,
And leaves us with nothing but grief and pain,
For promised joy
--Robert Burns

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TCSR, a division of the Adam Ferguson Institute, is an internet educational organization. David R. Ferguson is our Executive Director. Alvin Lowi, Jr. is our Director of Research and Rob Logan is our Webmaster. TCSR includes members of The Cactus Club and The Sonoran Society. We have a bookstore for your reading pleasure. Observers use TCSR to help educate themselves in the new way to study society---socionomics. We are all, in effect, Doctors of Civilization, trying to produce a diagnosis and prognosis of our stressed social environment. Some even go so far as to suggest a prescription. A list of our current Projects is below. If you would like to help TCSR by becoming a Project Manager or Assistant Manager, please contact us for an interview.


TCSR is dedicated to the development, promotion, and application of socionomic education. For more information about socionomics and our Recommended Reading List (RRL), click here. To order books from the RRL (which will provide revenue for TCSR projects), click here.


  1. Establish The Cactus Club (in cyberspace) to provide an opportunity for popular and scholarly discussion of socionomic principles, applications, and probably controversies.
  2. Develop a socionomics internet college course(SCNM 101).
  3. Have an annual socionomics conference in Tucson, Arizona.
  4. Establish a letters to the editor page with copies of actual letters sent regarding the application of socionomic analysis to current problems and issues.
  5. Sponsor a cruise/seminar featuring socionomics with well known experts in the various interrelated disciplines conducting lecture/discussion sessions.
  6. Produce an Events and Activities page to advertise upcoming items of interest to socionomists and others.
  7. Publish the Journal of Socionomics (J0S)--- a forum for ideas concerning socionomic principles and applications.
  8. Establish the STJUKSHON PRIZE for excellence in the development and/or promotion of socionomic education (to be awarded annually at our Socionomics Conference). Nominations are now being accepted.
  9. Produce a web page promoting organizations that feature issues and problems related to socionomics.
  10. Establish a web page called-- A Socionomic Perspective on the Wall Street Journal-- to provide a forum for socionomic analysis of current events and other concerns reported in the Wall Street Journal.
  11. Use The Sonoran Society as a base to establish a network of supper club/discussion groups, i.e. the Cleveland Socionomic Society, the Hillsdale College Socionomic Society, etc.
  12. Establish a feedback page for comments concerning the Tucson Center for Socionomic Research.
  13. Establish Cactus Canyon College (TRI-C), an internet institution of higher education to teach the new discipline of socionomics and how it applies to business and society.
  14. Encourage research and discussion concerning the First Postulate of Socionomics.
  15. Establish a Research Division with a Director of Research and The Phoenix Forum for peer review of research.
  16. Establish a unit called OLD PUEBLO ENTERPRISES to develop revenue generating activities for TCSR. TCSR is a division of the Adam Ferguson Institute. AFI accepts tax-deductible contributions under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code.