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The Cactus Club is an internet panel discussion group which is focused on socionomic topics. Panel members are scientists, engineers, scholars, teachers, philosophers, administrators, authors, political activists, business people, lawyers, and journalists. Our primary activity will be to engage in a Dialogue related to the books on our Recommended Reading List (RRL). The Tucson Center Bookstore is open for all who would like to purchase books related to TCC Dialogue. (Any book purchase from our TC Bookstore will provide revenue for TCSR projects.) Quotations, discussion questions and reference material will be posted for the reactions and responses of TCC members. They will email their input to the Program Director (PD) who will act as moderator. Only members can participate in the Dialogue but everyone is welcome to read and evaluate TCC material. Observers are encouraged to join The Sonoran Society (TSS) if they want to participate in the discussions.

Membership List

Richard Biondi Clint Bolick Don Boudreaux Greg Caton
Michael Darby Robert Detlefsen Eric Szuter Laurie Fitzgerald
Fred Foldvary Parth Shah Kenneth Gregg Gregory Gronbacher
Titus Stauffer Rich Hammer David Henderson Jack Hirshleifer
Gerard Jackson T.J Johnston Gail Kettlewell Kirez Korgan
Nathan Lapp Don Lavoie Al Lowi Tibor Machan
Spencer MacCallum John McGinnis Jon Moser Mary Ruwart
Paul Schmidt Adam Smith Karen Vaughn Jim Vinoski
Larry White Brian Wilson Tadd Wilson Gary Wolfram

The Sonoran Society

If you would like to discuss socionomics with other like-minded individuals, you can join The Sonoran Society. Just send Tucson Center for Socionomic Research (TCSR) your name and email address and we will post it at this web site. Members can contact each other to engage in discussions pertaining to TCSR and socionomics. Everyone who has a sincere interest in obtaining a better understanding of the determinants of social harmony, order, and development is welcome to join. Some members have an area of special interest or expertise and that will be indicated.